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Renata Wellness and Recreation Retreat (Renata for short) is created to cater to and serve health care providers experiencing burnout and much more. Have you heard the saying "once a nurse or _____[fill in the blank with your specific discipline] always a nurse?" My question is, "Who cares for the health care provider?" The idea was conceived in 2016. It would be remiss of me, if I,

Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA do not give credit where it is due. The inspiration was Divine and I took baby steps between then and 2019 to shape the idea. I decided to take tangible steps in networking with like-minded individuals in 2020-2022, and here we are now at the end of 2022, announcing Renata to the world and we hope to open for business in 2023, D.V!!!

I also recently watched an older movie "A Match Made in Heaven" (not sure how I did not happen upon it all these years!!!) and a nurse cried and asked while she was sick [paraphrased],

 "Who takes care of me?" Very poignant!!! An assessment that confirms the need for such a retreat is also evident by individuals signing and sharing a petition for such and affirming their agreement for such an innovative and timely service. You can find more details at the link below:


 Guess what Renata means? It means "rebirth!" Surely, you would want a rebirth in your holistic (physical, emotional, mental, cultural, social, spiritual) life! Renata endeavours to provide tender loving care to the interdisciplinary health care providers regardless of workplace setting, or role. We believe that doing so enhances employee satisfaction, fosters positive client outcomes, enhances organizational productivity, and has a positive ripple effect on our families and society in general.  We all win! In that light, Renata provides evidence-based workshops (to empower health care providers to be positive change agents in their workplaces), counselling, and recreation activities. You don't want to miss this timely and innovative service that caters to the population of health care providers. They are our main target.  Do you belong to a different industry than health care providers? Do you think you qualify for our services? Let us know and plead your case, we are ALL ears, lol!

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