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Renata Event- 3 days/3 nights

March 30th to April 2nd, 2023

Inaugural Launch- Postponed

Dear Valued Health Care Provider,

Are you or someone you know experiencing burnout?

Expel all feelings of inadequacy and guilt as help and insight are on the way!!! Come to our fun, recalibrating, and rejuvenating retreat where hope lives and your holistic (physical, mental, social, cultural, and spiritual) well-being will be catered to through evidence-based workshops (no inundation of classes ;)), counselling, recreation services, scrumptious/high quality three course meals, and board, ALL

in a picturesque setting!!! We are and have qualified professionals eager to serve you and you won't be disappointed. This is the first of its kind, out of the box, innovative service that is geared towards health care providers of all walks of life, sex, roles, and disciplines. You are also eligible if you provide support to health care providers/health industry.


Sign up by February 27th , 2023 and bring a friend/colleague

or two

 **Spots are limited!***

Can't attend?

1) Get on our waiting list if interested.

2) Consider sponsoring someone else, they will be forever grateful to you.

Contact me at for more information about anything and how you can meet the costs of this retreat if in doubt.

Looking forward to seeing you there :)


Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA


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